Want to be seen green?

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I want to be seen green

Wouldn’t be caught dead red

‘Cause if you are seen green

It means you got mean bread

For some reason that lyric from The Wiz always plays in my head when I hear the word green. You’d think I would have totally blocked it out, because that subway scene scared the bejeebers out of me when I was a kid. Worse than the witch from the original Wizard of Oz.

But we’re here to talk about happy, beautiful green things. Not things that scarred me from childhood (don’t even get me started on Poltergeist or It). So let’s look at some gorgeous green yarn.


I’m not sure I captured how utterly glorious this yarn is – it’s really just the perfect green. And it’s on a supremely squooshy MCN base from Stitches ‘N Rows. And guess what? We are doing some mystery knitting! And the green queen’s name will be Evadine. That’s the Ravelry link to pre-order the mystery knit at a mysteriously delicious price!

I haven’t done a mystery knit-a-long in ages, and I just felt like I needed to. I feel like every shawlette I design is the best one yet, so I have high hopes for this baby! So are you in? You need 400 yards of fingering weight – green is good, but if you ain’t a green lover it’s ok. And I highly suggest something from the Stitches ‘N Rows shop of course! We’ll be starting March 8th, with 4 clues released throughout the month. So get your green yarn ready ’cause it’s coming up fast!

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