Wednesday Winners

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These were supposed to be Monday winners, but the week has gotten away from me. I’m cranking out samples for a new collection at an amazingly fast rate (if I do say so myself) but it leaves no time for things like thinking and remembering that I’m running a KAL. So… sorry about that!
Today we have two winners:

Brandy wins a copy of the Gauge Master spreadsheet from fairieknits!

And Emmy wins a $20 gift certificate from Palm Valley Fibers.

I’ll be e-mailing y’all so you can claim your prizes. Have you seen all the gorgeous Vittorios? This is one of my favorites – of course I’m partial because it’s also one of my best friends – but have you ever seen a better use of clown barf yarn?


  1. Brenda

    Congrats to the winners! I think the more wild the yarn the better it looks. Now I can’t wait to find some crazy yarn and try it again!

  2. DebW

    That Vittorio is gorgeous! Still knitting away on mine, but I keep pulling out more crazy variegated from my stash ( I must have been on a binge!) thinking that would be a great one, this would be too, and this, and this………

  3. emmy

    HI! I just saw that I WON!! Thank you so much!!!I love that Vittorio- I have some similar yarn and haven’t been able to find it- one day I hope to have a brightly colored one. I feel a bit guilty winning a prize as my Vittorio has been sitting while I am madly knitting MadTosh for MadMay!! But you did say this wasn’t a race- right??

    Thanks again! This is great fun!!


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