Wednesday Work Day

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It’s 10:37 AM. I’ve accomplished a few things, but not nearly the volume of work I had hoped to get done. Just now I’ve finished printing off the chart for the final edging for this lovely fall shawl. I think I’ve got all the increases and decreases paired just so, but when you heavily modify lace patterns like I tend to do, there will be some snafus. But knitting it all out will help me catch any issues before I send it to the tech editor, so it’s all good.
I’ve handled a ton of volunteer work this morning as well. Sometimes I feel like I could make a full-time career of volunteering. But since I’m trying to have an actual knit design career I have to carefully choose my volunteer commitments. Right now it’s all Trunk or Treat all the time. This is the cute little graphic I put together to request candy donations for Trunk or Treat.

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 10.41.34 AM

Now if I could just figure out the perfect costume for that night that would allow me to run around like a madwoman without roasting to death, all would be good. It’s a busy night for me, so I need a cute costume, that’s not too warm (because it’s always hot for Halloween), and I need to be able to wear sensible shoes. Also I prefer no wigs. Wigs are too danged hot! These are the odd problems I deal with people. If you have any suggestions for costumes please let me know!


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