Well hello NaNo…

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It’s November. The time of year when budding writers embark on the crazy schedule of writing that might allow some of them to pen a novel in a short month of 30 days. But not me. I have no such lofty goals. I have trouble writing in complete sentences. Shoot, I think in blurts and half-words. But I am going to attempt NaBloPoMo – i.e. National Blog Posting Month. Last year I did it. It was, um, well, ok. I did it. But I ended up getting real sappy during the process. I’m going to try to avoid that nonsense this go around.
So today is November 1st. There is actually a chill in the air, which is good, because here in sunny Florida it’s been too danged hot. We sweated like pigs last night just walking around for trick or treat. Fortunately I was not costumed. But the poor boys were quite the sweaty freddies by the end of the evening.

Things I might blog about this month… well the usual. Yarn. Designs. Boys. Yarn. Silly things boys do and say. Ways in which I adore my husband/he annoys me. And the great battle for the domain known as my garage laundry room. It’s me vs. a giant lizard and it ain’t looking good for me. We might have to start wearing disposable clothes if this keeps up.


  1. christine from Jax

    Looking forward to the daily blogposts. A giant lizard is better than the giant rat that was in my garage last year!! In Ohio, a giant rat in your garage would be a sign of a poor housekeeper (read: pigsty). Apparently, here in Jax, the “rats just come with the territory, darlin'”. Fortunately, I met a big, brave sailor who rescued me from this little Feivel Ratskovich. I can send him over for your lizard… In Guantanamo he was known as the “lizard whisperer”. Let me know!!

    Christine from Jax

  2. Sara

    I also took the NaNo plunge. I give myself a week. LOL


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