Well it’s Christmas time pretty baby…

by | Dec 22, 2008 | Uncategorized

…and the snow is on the ground.

Well there’s no snow here on the ground in Florida of course, but we did have some Christmas spirit tonight. It was the  Luminaries in Avondale, where everyone loads up in the cars and trucks, drives 2 miles an hour, and pelts candy at each other. Or something like that. The luminaries are beautiful and the Christmas spirit is in the air.

We decided to go with a theme this year and did a Blue Christmas – a la Elvis style. The jeep was bedecked in blue lights (which blew out fuses like nobody’s business) and we all dressed up like Elvis. I did not get good pictures – but Merry Christmas Baby anyways!




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  1. Carmen

    You all look great!We have lots of snow, ice, and below zero temps. Would you like some?


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