We’re S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G, we’re shopping!

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No one remembers the Pet Shop Boys but me. *sigh*

Lookie, I have pictures!!!

Sophie unfelted, and rather floppy….

A close-up of the prettiness that is peace fleece….

I hope she keeps the nice “raspberry” flecks after she’s been felted. This bag is so cute already!

I went to two yarn stores today. Ok, so there’s only two in town, but who the heck is counting? Look at what I bought….

I bought the addi turbos at the first shop. They are for my soleil!!!! I was also gonna buy some variegated regia sock yarn, but the girly was kind of strange about it. I felt like she was trying to sell me everything she had in stock. I also had a crochet hook and some 10.5 dpns (cause I think I might be addicted to sophie and booga). After she gave the heebies, I put everything back but the addis. My favorite LYS doesn’t sell addis.

So I scootched on down the road to my favorite place and alas, she did not have 10.5 dpns. So I guess patience is a virtue? *sigh* I got a lovely wooden crochet hook for my soleil which is not in the picture. Crap if I didn’t leave it in my sister’s car! But I got my size 1 dpns to make my beloved man socks. As well as the lovely green opal sock yarn. Wish me luck. The color doesn’t look quite right on my monitor to me. It’s kind of a cross between olive and forest green. It will match lots of his clothes.

Now I’m off in search of a zippered pillowcase.


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