What a difference a year makes…

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A year and not so much a year actually. We’ve lived here now for a real year, and the boys just finished a very, very, very long schoolyear. Those who love me (and those who tolerate me) have heard more than their share of the schoolyear drama. But the schoolyear is over. Next year we’re going to a private Catholic school, and we honestly pray that it will be better. The experiences of families we know who go there says it will. But wait, wanna measure the year?
The First Day of School

Tall & Handsome!

The Last Day of School complete with summer haircuts…


They get out at noon today and they are so excited. The pool opens up this weekend for the whole summer and they are itching to swim. And I’m very ready for them to be home with me. But I have to wait for the togetherness.

My boss, the owner of KnitWitz, is out of town for TNNA, so I am a working girl the rest of this week. And being a working girl for a few days in a row always reminds me how blessed I am not to have to work regularly. I love working at the yarnstore, but I get tired. And nothing gets done at home. I don’t know how I used to work 50+ hours a week when I lived in Dayton. Yeah, I know, cry me a river. And come see me at KnitWitz this week.

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  1. Jackie

    They could not be any cuter!!! Love the new hair….are you sure they can’t dye it green? 🙂


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