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by | Feb 16, 2007 | Uncategorized

Well, I got an awesome little package from my SP with nummy treats for me and Rufus. I took pictures, but they all turned out *really* bad. And that’s saying something, because most of my pics are sub-par!

This is Rufus, complete with happy tail-wagging action because he’s about to get an SP treat. That is the ONLY pic that is even viable. Oh well.

In other news, fastman broke his arm again. Actually he didn’t break it, a girl in his class broke it for him. But this mama bear is trying to practice forgiveness. Um, yeah. Fortunately it looks like he won’t need surgery this time around. We see the orthopedic surgeon on Tuesday morning to confirm.

Tonight is the blue & gold banquet for cub scouts. Hopefully the pics of the boys with their feller cakes will turn out. Basically they make cakes for a contest with no mama help. My kitchen may never recover. DH helped fastman make a beach scene complete with surfboards, and strongman made a set of tiki heads. It’s hard for me not to help because I used to make cakes semi-professionally and sell them. But they really did a very good job. Oh, did I mention the banquet has a luau theme? Yep, should be fun.

Valentine’s Day was a bit of a letdown. The man made a big point of asking what I wanted. Said he wanted to celebrate this and our anniversary (leapday) big this year. Ok. So I bought him some Glenlivet, among other things. He took the boys shopping and got me some Scooby candy. ????? I mean I love Scooby, but this was not quite what I expected. I didn’t even get a card. And this is a man who usually is crazy happy with the cards. *sigh* Maybe we’re just settling in. Thank goodness I bought myself a Michael Buble CD – gotta love that man.

In knitting knews, I have yarn to knit up a sample for the yarn shop.

Artyarns Regal Silk and Crystal Palace Kid Merino – only one skein each. Now this tank may never grace my figure but it looks fun to knit!


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