What year was this again?

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Hmmmm…  I finished a lot this year. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control (bwahahaha!) I don’t have custody of some of my projects. But I’m not bitter. At all. Ok, so I’m slightly bitter. Actually this has been a good year and a bad year. I’ve had some very good times, and I learned some lessons about myself and other people. I actually finished about 36 projects this year – 3 per month – not bad at all! But here are the 27 I can show without grumping myself out. Oh and just in case you are worried about the bitter, don’t be. I’m giving it up with the year. I have some business stuff to take care of, but the bitter is riding out with the chiming of the bells.

My creation

I was a sock knitting girl, wasn’t I? This year there will be more socks in the works. Sugarbee Studios is having another sock club. The Naughty Girls Need Knit Socks Too club still has spaces available. But you need to sign up asap! You’ll get her amazing yarns and my patterns, and trust me, the extras alone are crazy fun! If you want an idea of what her beatiful yarns are like, the 3 socks at the top are from this past club. She is amazing!

One of the amazing things about this year were the good friends I made. I strengthened some old friendships and I picked up some new ones. I consider myself truly blessed in the friendship department. And my little designing experiment that started this past summer? I really think it’s gone amazingly well. I have 18 patterns listed on Ravelry – 3 for a yarn company, 7 for sale, 5 for free, and 3 (the aforementioned socks) that will be for sale come January. Plus my Saltwater Taffy bag is being test knit as we speak. So 19 designs in a little over 6 months. Not too shabby.

And I have amazing plans for this new year. Our family is getting serious about being healthy – the man and I are starting a plan tomorrow and we’ve recruited the boys to keep us honest and exercise with us. I still have a book full of design ideas and I think I’m gonna give a serious attempt to submitting my designs in addition to self publishing. I’m in my final semester at the community college and I will have my AA after this semester. Yep, big plans. Watch out world!


  1. Pat

    These were great pictures! As a beginning knitter, you keep me inspired. I know have finished one sock! The sewing the toe up didn’t end up like i think it should have but I’m proud to have finished. Now one foot will be warm! LOL

  2. Jackie

    Wow! Only 6 months? You sure have accomplished a LOT! 2009 is going to be a stellar year for you!!!

  3. Brenda

    Fantastic post! You are a talented lady and it looks like 2008 was just the tip of the iceburg. Go get ’em in ’09!!

  4. Batty

    You’ve been pretty darn productive! And I can only recommend the Sugarbee Studios sock clubs… I loved the last one, and were it not for a strict yarn diet in 2009, I’d be joining up again.
    Happy New Year!

  5. Daniele

    I love the collage of projects. You were superb!!! 🙂

  6. Sheri

    Did you design everything on your collage, or were those the projects you finished? I love your stuff, girl! I especially like the little sweater vesty things on the third row up from the bottom, the middle and last photos (the first one in the row is uber cute, too, but I already know you designed that). Cute stuff, chic!


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