Why yes, yes it was.

by | Sep 3, 2007 | Uncategorized

I am exhausted. No really. All weekend I cleaned. And then yesterday we partied. The cupcakes turned out delicious. The pizza came on time. I forgot to put spoons in the dips. I forgot to give the kids balloons. There was some serious brain farting going on.

But the end result really was happiness. The boys were happy and had tremendous amounts of fun. The spy mission (scavenger hunt) was a hit. The boys wrote their own clues and the end result was a can of silly string for each kid. They then attacked the D.A.D.’s (the Destructive Anarchy Droids) in the backyard. So awesome. And the dads were such good sports.

The little guy got so excited over a Harlem Globetrotters basketball that I thought he was gonna pass out. We are fully outfitted in spy gear and spider-man gear and gift cards. The boys are are ready to go shopping. Right now at ten til nine in the morning.

Oh and someone learned to knit. I was crazed but a couple of my friends found her yarn and needles in my stash and got her started. (Thank you so very much for that!!!) I predict that soon she will be fully addicted just like the rest of us!

Would you like to see some pictures of all of the fun? Yeah. My digital camera decided to crap out on me. Fortunately I had some camera happy friends so soon I will have some pics. I really need a new camera. Like yesterday.

Oh and today? Today I am doing nothing. Ok, not nothing. When does a woman ever really do nothing? Today I am knitting, catching up on laundry, knitting, doing my homework, and knitting. Three hats done, five to go.


  1. Batty

    What a great time! Too bad you don’t have any pictures, but it sounds like everyone came away with some great memories. And that’s what matters.

  2. Missy

    Sounds like the guys had a great party!

    (I finally caved to pressure and started a knitting blog – http://missy-knits.blogspot.com – so yay!)

  3. Kathe

    It’s so wrong to want a cupcake 3 days later… I know it’s only been 2 days, but I will still want one tomorrow. They were really good, but I don’t need another one! Sigh… dude, it’s not a PARTY unless someone learns to knit. Duhr!

  4. Knit Kimber Knit

    What a great Party. I love how when I walked into your house I instantly felt at home! Thanks for still loving us after letting Rufus out. Ok me, not us. I do request more Guac, that stuff is so addicting, I have beeb fantasing about it since Sunday!

    We should have a knitting Sunday and watch girly movies all day!

  5. jessie

    I love the idea of doing nothing. I plan to do that someday and see if it’s as wonderful as I imagine it to be.

    Tell me it’s fantastic, please. Or better yet, don’t tell me. It might break my heart.

    Hope you get a working camera soon!


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