Winner, winner, turkey dinner

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What? We’re having turkey tonight, not chicken. Easiest dinner ever. Throw a mess of rice in the rice cooker. Brown up a pound or so of ground turkey with garlic, cayenne, chili powder, salt, pepper, and some Braggs or soy sauce to taste. Throw in a few good handfuls of fresh green beans chopped small and cook til just crisp tender. Serve over rice with some fruit on the side and you have a super tasty dinner!
But you did not come here for a recipe. You came here to see if you won a free copy of the KnitCircus 2011 Gifts issue. So here are my winners, that I am e-mailing here in just a quick minute. (Sidenote: Don’t all minutes last exactly the same amount of seconds? What is this “quick minute” that I speak of?)

And the winners are:

Courtney who loves chewy sweet tarts!
DPUTiger who loves peanut butter cups!
Janice who loves the little mini kitkats!
Christine who loves sugar babies!
And Lobug who loves candy corn!

Thanks for playing guys!


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