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So I’m sweater obsessed right now. And I actually went and bought myself a sweater’s worth of Dream In Color Classy the other day. And as soon as I can get a picture of it where I can get the color right I will show you. I will master this photography nonsense even if it kills me. But I figured that in lieu of designing myself a sweater I might could break out one that’s already started.

This is indigirl’s Elsewhere in Malabrigo Worsted. Pretty, ain’t it? I’m working on the diagonal side panels now and then I will move on to sleeve city. The nice thing about this sweater is that despite the unique look of it, the pattern is not at all complicated and I can do a few rows here and there while waiting for other things.


I love the purl row detailing on this sweater. And I’m thinking it’s a great winter coat type sweater for Florida. That is if we actually get any more winter this winter. We had some chilly days here and there but now it’s back up the 80’s and it’s driving me crazy. I’ve been rocking jeans & tees & flip flops, but I might have to break out some capris if this weather doesn’t ease up!

So what are you working on lately?


  1. KateJonze

    I love sweaters, and am always attracted to patterns like this one. However, I know better than to start one. They never get finished. The “Central Park Hoodie” that I started last has been “resting” for a very long time.
    Your sweater has a great design and will look wonderful on you (if it ever gets cold enough to wear it).

  2. Karla V Muntane

    Oh my! It is looking pretty!
    I have never knitted a sweater in my life, but you just inspired me to do so. Plus I had plans on doing it for this 2012 as a goal!

    Keep up the great knitting!


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