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Baby, if you ever wonderedWondered, what ever became of me
I’m living on the air in Cincinnati
Cincinnati WKRP


So a little bit ago we were discussing our guilty food pleasures on the Knittyboard. And someone mentioned this crazy chili dip I used to eat. With Cincinnati chili. Well a very kind knitty-boarder named Mysticat offered to send me some Goldstar chili spice packets. And yesterday the postman dropped off this mysterious box.


When I pulled out the first can, I nearly cried with happiness. Yesterday was a rough day, and I needed something extremely happy like this. And every single item in the box was straight from Cincinnati, and laced with wonderful memories.


LaRosa’s marinara sauce, Montgomery Inn bbq sauce, White Castle coffee, Big Boy tartar sauce, and Goldstar chili seasoning. We had the tartar sauce last night with some potato-crusted salmon cakes I made for dinner. So good!

I’m locked out of the knittyboard right now, because I messed up trying to change my name over there. But this is a huge thank you to Mysticat. You really made my day!


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