Woozy and yeah, very, very woozy….

by | Aug 4, 2005 | Uncategorized

I’m cleaning. Like a crazed woman. I am not sure why or what possessed me. But I am.

This is what I’ve done today:

Shined my sink (a la Flylady)
Scrubbed the kitchen floor
Wiped down all the lower cabinets, the oven, and the dishwasher
Did a ton of laundry (most of which is courtesy of he who shall not be named, but who really needs to stop sleeping so soundly in the morning and stop peeing the bed!!!!)
Scrubbed the kitchen counters
Cleaned out the toaster & the toaster oven
Scrubbed the entry way tile
Scrubbed the bathtub
Scrubbed the master bathroom floor
Purged the master bathroom countertop
Scoured the master bathroom sink (I’ve already said scrubbed too many times)
Cleaned the toilet (how does a 36 year old man still miss?!?!?!?)
Windexed the mirror

I still need to run the vacuum in the whole apartment, and water the garden. I’m hoping the rain will come soon though, cause that means free water.

I bought some Bam! and a magic eraser. The Bam! is powerful stuff. I used it on the tub. Hence the extreme wooziness. The magic eraser? Eh. It did bring up some tea stains on the kitchen counter and some hair color stains on the bathroom counter. But it did not remove scuff marks from the tile floors like it shows on the commercial. Oh well. You live and you learn.

Oh yeah. Knitting related content! I bought and downloaded the chickami pattern today. I’m back to wanting to make it along with a sitcom chic for a twinset. Call me fickle. I wish she had stated on the order page that you needed the size 3 dpns and circular. All it noted was the gauge with size 6 needles. So now I have to make a trip to the LYS to pick up a size three turbo addi. I’ve been eyeing the orangina pattern for awhile though, and it will work for that. But still.

Now that tivoli is finally done, I did some stash rearrangement last night. The romance twist colorway is flattering on me. So I feel like I should make something else with the remaining six skeins. But then to have two tops out of the same yarn? Seems a bit silly. I was thinking of trading it though. Don’t know. I’d love to get some solid shine. In a perfect world I could get the right proportions to make Via Diagonale. Cause that’s on my listy! 🙂


  1. mamma

    Gonna have to get some bam. Could use a good buzz. My son is wearing batman boxer-briefs in the picture. I’m potty training him and I can’t get him to wear cute little tighty whities, so he’s in 4T boxer briefs.

  2. monkeemaven

    Please come visit me. My house needs you.


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