Woozy for a whole ‘nother reason

by | Aug 7, 2005 | Uncategorized

Four O3 Bacardi thingies. I am the definition of a cheap date. Normally 2 drinks means lights out for ole rincaro. I probably shouldn’t blog while I’m drunk.

I definitely should not blog while I’m drunk. Definitely. And online shopping while I’m drunk? Not the bestest of plans either.

I have edited this because I really shouldn’t blog while I’m drunk. Sweet Jenna from thisgirlknits offered to refund my money because her page used to not have the sizing info. But the sizing info has been updated. Soo…. in summary: Jenna rocks, the hopeful pattern has been gifted to a teeny friend, and I shouldn’t blog or shop while I’m drunk. That is all! 🙂


  1. mamma

    I found that quote to be very bitchy. I find the name big girl knits very insulting as well. I actually think that it takes balls to write something like that and not expect to get stoned with yarn balls by people who bought the pattern then found out they’d have to wait for the big girl version due early next fall. I’d demand a refund or credit.
    Atleast you weren’t drunk knitting. I’ve done that. Always with disasterous results.

  2. mamma

    I just went to look at the pattern and it is wonderful. Before I buy it can you tell me what kind of yarn it uses and the gauge? My mother had breast cancer so I get suckered by those kind of things too.

  3. Anonymous

    Hello- It’s Jenna Here, the deisgner of Hopeful, and I’m happy to refund your $ for your pattern, no problem- go ahead and email me and let me know where you would like your $ sent (jenna @thisgirlknits.com). I also re-worked my website to show sizes for future buyers…

    And to be clear I have a different pattern in the “Big Girl Knits” book due out next year (I did not name the book). I don’t want there to be confusion that it is actually this pattern.

    Best– Jenna


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