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I had great intentions for today’s blog post complete with today’s special to be full of shiny, happy Christmas thoughts. But Clearwire is again conspiring against me. I got up this morning to change today’s promotion codes and all of that and there was no internet. Again. This has been going on since November 18th. At this point, it’s my fault. I’m not on contract and I just need to change providers.
But anyhow, I did what any girl with a pair of scissors would do when faced with insurmountable internet odds. No, I didn’t attack my modem with scissors. Although it was tempting.

I went into the bathroom, and at 5:57 AM before I had coffee or had even washed my face, I did something rash.

I cut bangs.

I’ve been thinking about it for awhile. So I did it. They are actually kind of cute. But that is a picture for another day. This is a picture for today.


Today’s special is the Mother Necessity Slippers.These are fabulous quick-knit Christmas gifts. And the pattern is available for the lovely bargain price of $2.50! The coupon code for today – blue


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