Fe, Fi, FO, done!

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And then, there were nine. Which is decidely less than ten. Less than ten people!!!

I now officially only have ten projects on the go. I just wove in ends on the fuzzy feet. And tomorrow morning I will throw them in the new washer and see how it goes. St. Andrew’s Cross Blue for my Scottish husband.

And now, it’s listy time! Because it makes me happy.


1. Lillian’s Tank – front & back done, needs ruffles & straps.
2. Scotch Thistle Stole – nearly half done.
3. Icarus – 86% done according the shawl calculator.
4. Wren – got 1.5 sleeves done, so pathetic.
5. CK Sweater – nearly done with the yoke.
6. Sandy Cardigan – basically only the diagonal panels are done as I need to rip out the sides.
7. VK Fall 2005 #19 – only 2/12 repeats done, and will need border and collar.
8. Via Diagonale – about half done.
9. Embossed Leaves Repair – need to rework about 40% of the pair.

I think I’m gonna make myself finish another before I cast on. Or two. Hmmm… which would be the quickest two to finish? I guess the sock repair and the Lillian (Monica) tank? The Scotch Thistle Stole goes very fast if I actually work on it. Decisions, decisions.

In other news, I got an A in film class. This is very good news, because when I took film class back in the day I blew it off. Which equals an F. On my freaking transcript. So an A in the “grade forgiveness” category is a beautiful thing!


  1. TeresaB

    Congrats on the finish and the A in film class!

  2. Valerie

    You’re such the studiest, aren’t ya!

    Post pix of the FO’s MAN! Sheesh!

  3. Batty

    Congrats! You rock!


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