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by | May 20, 2008 | Uncategorized

This is my favorite picture from our short trip to Disney this weekend. My boys with their cousin that they’ve met for the first time, just fast friends, taking off on the next adventure.


This cousin was on her first trip to Disney. Her new baby brother is at home, and here are the presents I knitted up for him. A simple seed stitch & stockinette baby blanket made out of very soft Muench Big Baby…


And a Peapod Baby Set made out of Berrocco Comfort DK. Less than 3 skeins of it. At $3 a pop, that’s a baby set for under $10. I was really impressed with the Comfort DK. Very nice stuff and crazy soft. And machine washable of course.


I love the way the silver buttons make it look like a little military jacket.

And now it’s back to the designing board. I have lots of ideas, but what I really need is lots of finished objects and written up patterns. If only I weren’t so tired from the trip!

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  1. Dana

    Hey! That is a great picture of your boys and their cousin. They are so awesome.I love the blanket and the Peapod set is beautiful.


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