KDTV & Rhinebeck Bound!

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So this year for the first time ever I get to go to Rhinebeck. I’m very excited. I’ve heard tell and seen pictures for years, but this year all the circumstances came together just so to make it feasible.

  • Crazy cheap round trip flight? Check!
  • Fabulous designer friend Mindy Wilkes had openings in the house she’s renting? Check!
  • Husband works from home and can handle the boys’ schedules? Check!

And because it turned out to be so very inexpensive I could justify going on a trip that was just to meet up with people and not necessarily a trade show or a teaching gig. But then… Knitting Daily TV came-a-calling! I am doing two episodes of Knitting Daily TV before I go to Rhinebeck. Travel plans had to be rearranged, life had to be finagled, but it will all be worth it. Because I will be on TV. Knitting. On TV. I am super excited and also worried that I will come off as a complete dunderhead. Well that and some sort of Madame Maxine considering that I think I might be close to a foot taller than the hostess! And why does Knitting Daily TV want little ole me? Because as I’ve been telling you I have a book coming out. And now the amazon page even has a picture of the cover!! You can even pre-order Warm Days, Cool Knits already! I will be demonstrating techniques on two of the book projects on the shows.

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 8.44.31 AM I’m excited to say that finally this fall I will have a good handful of knitting patterns being released. We are even doing a photoshoot with a group of designs in the delicious new Aspen base from Baah Yarn. It’s merino-cashmere-silk. As if merino-cashmere-nylon wasn’t luxurious enough! IMG_2868 To celebrate all these crazy goings-on I am having a BOGO sale on all of my self-published patterns. Anything in the PicnicKnits store is buy one get one free. It’s the perfect time to pick out something to knit for yourself and maybe to knit for a friend. Ok, a really good friend, because you can’t knit for just anyone! Use the code woohop to take advantage of the BOGO deal! Why woohop? Because the new predictive text on the iPhone is ridiculous and that’s our new exclamation of excitement. And Kim and Kristin and I are super excited to be going to our first Rhinebeck. Woohop!


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