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Sometime I feel like I’m in a bad movie. One where the heroine (that would be me) has amusing bouts of bad luck. But wait, no one is laughing.
I have a red mark and a small-ish goose egg on my forehead. We keep a stick in the hall closet that we use to keep track of the boys’ heights. We move around a lot, and we wanted to make sure to have something that we could take with us. Anyhow, that warm and fuzzy plan back-fired when the stick jumped out of the closet and cracked me right in the forehead. It’s a nice heavy stick and it’s oh maybe 7 feet long or so. Yeah, that stung just a bit. I guess I should be grateful it didn’t break the skin (or my skull!).

Next I spent too many hours of my life today on the phone with the financial aid department of the community college where I have one semester left to get my AA (Associate in Arts). Supposedly I have exceeded 150% of the credit hour total for an AA, which means I can’t get any financial aid – although my transcripts say otherwise. I was talking to the quite unhelpful woman about what I could do while waiting for an appeal of this denial.

Unhelpful Woman: “Well ma’am, you could just go ahead and pay up front for your courses, and *if* your appeal comes through, you can just reimburse yourself with your loan package.”

Irate Me: “Actually the reason I was calling the financial aid office is because I don’t have the resources to pay out of pocket for my classes and I need FINANCIAL AID!”

I typed that last part in all caps because although I wasn’t shouting, I did raise my voice enough to alarm the dog. So I quickly got off the phone and started baking. I bake when I’m stressed. My family and friends love it, my bahookie not so much.

Also today I broke the satellite dish. Well didn’t break it as much as I moved it out of alignment with the help of a ladder, an adjustable wrench, a few geckos, and quite of bit of cursing and sweating. Fortunately the man came home and put it right. It’s good to have a man somedays.

And this my friends and neighbors is why I have lemon bars to show for today instead of a finished swatch for this last lace design.


  1. Eric

    I feel your pain.
    Seriously, if I had a knitting scholarship in my back pocket, it’d be totally yours. And, I wouldn’t even ask for your lemon bars. Well, maybe one lemon bar.

  2. Sandra Singh

    I hope your day has improved since I read this. Sorry about your head!


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