Sock monkey, that funky monkey!

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Not to be confused with the Brass Monkey. Which I listened to today. I sometimes forget that my car has a booming system. Until I play Brass Monkey and realize why the people in the car next to me are staring.
So today had a plan. Head to Trenton, Florida. Sell patterns in a little fiber fest. Chris was coming to sell batts. It was gonna be fun, even if only marginally profitable.

I wake up late. Not an auspicious start. While I’m doing my chicken sans head impression, Chris calls. She is sick. Has been for awhile. But today it reared an especially ugly head. So she has promised to go to the doctor finally, and I am on my own.

I fill up the gas tank in the green machine for $1.88 a gallon. (Score!) I head out. I see lots of things I should take pictures of. But I don’t take pictures because I am a careful driver. I would describe the funny things I wanted to photograph. But I forgot. No really I did. I can’t remember what they were.

I get lost. I call Kimber. I get unlost. I arrive in Trenton 10 minutes after the fest has started. It’s ok. It’s quiet, not too many people. Quiet turns to rainy. Rainy turns to cold. How did this knitter find herself sans sweater? Who knows. Oh wait, here is my table:


Why yes, that is a funky angle. Funky monkey even. But I had a nice time. I got to chat with wonderful fiber-y (and non fiber-y) people. And I got to go to the quilt shop.

No I don’t quilt.

But I might have to start. This quilt shop is wonderland of color and fabrics and beautiful. I mean really beautiful. I walked around in awe. I mean really in awe. They even had a tea room, where I got a tasty sandwich for lunch. If you are a quilter you MUST go there. Must. And I will go with you. Just to walk around some more. And maybe buy a little something more.


The color wheel will be useful for fair isle designing and dyeing – don’t you think? And the new book and Malabrigo Sock Yarn (drool…) I got from Hanks in Gainesville on the way home. Which is my most favorite yarn store in the world. Maybe I should move to Gainesville. I could learn to quilt and go to Hanks more, and, and, and…

Wait. Did you see the best part of that picture above. Sock monkey fabric!!!! I’m so in love with this. I mean truly in love. Because what could be better than a sock monkey sock bag?


  1. Jess

    Oh my…That is the coolest fabric I have seen in a long long time. I’m insanely jealous. Post a picture of whatever you make with it!
    PS. This is Tiggzie <3

  2. Sharon

    And Gainesville would love to have you, Dear! Just for the record. Lovely to see you today, as always! Missed seeing the rest of the gang, though. =( Next time, y’all promise me!

  3. Eric

    Wow. You’ve put in lots of hard work this year. I know you must feel rather proud of yourself! Ya oughta.

  4. Morgajam

    Glad you had a good time and feel free to come on over to the dark side of quilting…it really is fun and creative. Not being a handpiecer or much of a hand applique person, I find knitting to be much more portable.


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