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So over twenty years ago – oh my it hurts just to type that – I was pregnant with my first child. Who I had been told was a girl. So I picked a girl name – Jacey. And had a girl baby shower. Oh my goodness all the girly things. But I kept having dreams – see now I had been sure this child was a boy. So every night I would dream about my little boy. So I only took the tags off of ONE outfit. One my friends. It was a tiny pink sleeper with a sheep on the front. Was the sheep some sort of sign about my future business? Who knows. But then the baby came and it was NOT a girl. I had to have an emergency c-section and the first glimpse I caught of my baby was the sight of pee shooting straight up in the air. That ain’t a girl thing y’all.

The nice thing about it all is that I exchanged all those beautiful girl things for store credit and ended up getting a full wardrobe for my Jeremy plus a lot of necessities I still needed. And when I got pregnant with my second child in short order, that child was going to be Jacey. But nope. I got me a Justin. And I wouldn’t trade either boy for anything in the world, but unless I could convince my sons to name my future granddaughter Jacey that name was lost.

And then came this crazy took too long but boy am I proud of it Year of Stripes project. And I named all the designs with the letter of the month they were supposed to come out in. And finally for the design that was supposed to be in January I had the perfect name – Jacey!


My friend Brenda had provided the yarn for this design and it was gorgeous! Her End of the Row Yarns are hand-dyed in Maryland and she has a beautiful eye for color. So I came up with a sideways chevron design that worked just right for the yarn and I feel fit the name perfectly. The hot pink and strong lines totally fit with the little girl I thought I was having.


Jacey is now available for individual purchase – slowly but surely all of the patterns from the Year of Stripes will be. Or you can buy the whole shebang for a great price – 14 patterns for $29. So grab two of your favorite colors and make your own Jacey – the chevron stripes work magically with crazy variegated colors so you can’t go wrong.

YARN: 800 yards fingering weight – 400 yards of 2 colors

GAUGE: 18 stitches and 24 rows = 4 inches in Blocked Chevron Stitch Pattern

NEEDLES: Size US 5 – 3.75 mm

SIZE: 80″ (203 cm) wide and 28.5″ (72.5 cm) at deepest point

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