Memorial Day Weekend

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Sometimes we forget why we have Monday off here in the U.S. So take a moment to remember the veterans who have fought for your way of life. In my family there isn’t a huge military presence. But my grandfather was in the Navy during World War II. He even had a hoochy girl dancer tattooed on his forearm from the experience. Shortly before he passed away he was interviewed for the Veterans History Project for the Library of Congress. I feel very blessed to have a copy of that interview.
It was so amazing to see him speak about his experiences in the war. My grandfather was always a tough man, but he told of how he chose to be on a boat, hoping and praying he wouldn’t have to kill anyone. He wasn’t afraid of dying, but he didn’t want to kill. It gave me a new level of insight into the man that I adored – the man who taught me all the best card games.

My favorite memory of my grandfather took place in about 1996. At this point he was 77 years old and just as spry as could be. We took a big family trip to the Seven Caves. There was one cave that you basically had to crawl on your hands and knees to enter. I was 24 and my younger cousin and I decided it wasn’t worth the crawl. No sooner did we chicken out did my Grandpa emerge, hooting and hollering about the wonderful sights within and that we best get to gettin’.

Craftsy is celebrating Memorial Day Weekend with a sale. A sale with a portion of the benefits going to support our veterans. So after you take some time to remember the folks who did so many great things for our nation you can get something for yourself and a bit for them!

Memorial Day - Veterans


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