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by | Mar 18, 2010 | Uncategorized

I’m having a fake it ’til you make it kind of day. I’m pretending I’m good at housework. I did a whole lotta scrubbing in the bathroom and I cleared out my drawer and the cabinets – I don’t dare touch the man’s drawer. It’s amazing to me that at this point I am not completely bald. Seriously, the amount of hair (of mine) that I find in that bathroom on a regular basis is just ridiculous. So I swept, I scrubbed, I used Comet, and Fabulouso, and my hands are in serious need of a whole lotta lotion. I gotta remember to wear my gloves when I do stuff like that. I need me some frilly gloves like they have on “How Clean Is Your House?” Those would be way more fun to wear.

So the laundry is running, and the bathroom is clean, and the kitchen is reasonably tidy. In a few minutes I’m going to take my boys some lunch. Basically because I overslept, and I suggested that maybe I could bring them lunch and they got unreasonably excited about it. So I have an appointment at the Wendy’s Drive Thru in a bit.

I sent out a submission last night. And I inquired about an online magazine this morning. I’ve got quite a few sketches going and a list of places to submit to. After my lunch date, I’ve got a stack of books that I want to look through. Must get to work!



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