Not show, tell.

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Things I wish I could show you:

  • How beautifully this yarn from Jellyfish Knits is working up.
  • The lovely transitions of the lace patterns.
  • My cute new haircut.
  • The state of my house.

Wait, scratch that. You do not want to see the state of my house. I have been so busy on the fourth of the Seven Songs and on other deadline projects that housecleaning has fallen by the wayside. Fortunately, come September 1st, when I will be releasing this new pattern with Hillary’s lovely yarn, I will be able to clean. And clean I will. I will clean like crazy. I will also be having a monster garage sale on September 10th after all of the cleaning and purging is done.

But that’s later. Now is finishing up the new shawlette pattern and making photography arrangements so y’all can actually see how pretty it is. Working with the Nebula base has been so nice. And I’m still so in love with this colorway! And don’t worry. I’ve ordered a new camera for myself online – an actual DSLR – so there will be much more pictures and less talking around these parts. I know you’re relieved.

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  1. Hillary

    I can’t wait to see! Is it tomorrow yet? No wait.. scratch that.. I need to do a shop update with about 20 skeins of Nebula first!And thank you for the wonderful compliments! I only hope that I’ve been able to replicate the color to be just as lovely.


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