For the love of bacon…

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This is only my second post about bacon right? I mean, it’s not like I’m gonna need a whole bacon category. I think.
Today we hit Tar-jay in search of bargains and legos. I found a very nice green tee-shirt. If it fits well, I will go back and buy more. My problem is, as soon as I find a tee-shirt I love, they stop making it. Target isn’t the only criminal in this regard. Old Navy does it too. I’ve decided that from now on if I find a tee-shirt I like, I’m gonna buy one in every single color. I have high hopes for this green one. Let’s hope it washes well.

And then we come to the reason all women shop. Well at least the reason I shop. A sale. A markdown. But not just any markdown. A really juicy markdown. Oh let’s say 75% off?!?!?!


I’m not really a shoe person, or a purse person. I mean I use them, but I don’t love them. I basically wear my Mary Jane crocs exclusively (I have three pairs) and I carry my Vera until it wears out and I need a new one. But I do have a small-ish weakness for cute knitting bags. Not the pricey, brand-name ones. But cute, interesting ones. I actually have a very large bag in my office that just holds other knitting bags. So sad.

But this my friends, is the cutest knitting bag ever!

Love the bacon!

Don’t you just love it? No? Well that’s okay. Because I do. It’s red, it’s freaking gingham (picnicknits anyone?) and it has bacon on it! Bacon!

No they don’t do bacon interventions, so don’t even try. Besides I’m more enamored with the idea of bacon than I am with actually eating it. Love the bacon. You know you wanna.


  1. Nicole

    OMG I love that!!

  2. Shannon

    I saw this bag at Target last week, and I wished all the way home that I had bought it. It is so cute. Carry it with pride….bacon rocks!

  3. Batty

    That’s a great bag! The bacon and egg theme is awesome.

  4. Batty

    Just occurred to me that you could knit the bacon scarf from the Anticraft, I think it was fairly recently that they had the bacon theme. That way, you can have your scarf and bag match for a lady-like, put together look!


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