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by | Jul 19, 2005 | Uncategorized

I’m not sure if we’ve completely established this, but housework is not my forte’. Before I met the man I spent my life working like crazy, at first to move up, and then just to support the boys. So housework? Not big on my list of things to master.

But now I’m a housewife. I guess I should know some of these rules. But I don’t. Like the bed covering rule. You got the bed. Then you add a mattress cover. Then you add a fitted sheet. When making the bed, apparently you first add the top sheet, the light blanket, and then the decorative comforter. At least that’s what my husband says. He seems to know more about housework than I do. Or seems to care more. Let’s ignore the fact that we live in Florida and really don’t need to sleep under three layers. But yeah, he gets a little crazy about the whole bed thing. But being a kept woman, I just do as he asks on that one and smile. (And rebel in small childish ways. But that’s another show.)

I spoke with my mom last night. In exactly three months she will be here. I really need to be thinner in exactly three months. I’ve dropped 20 since the first of the year, but it needs to be more. I’m bringing out the little notebook today. So I can write everything down. *sigh*

I’m trying to be patient with the proactiv. The info says results in 3-6 weeks. I can’t really tell if my skin is better or worse. I’ve had some flare-ups, but “people” say that the flare-ups are my skin clearing out the gunk. Dangit people, I’ve been clearing out the gunk my whole life. Now my skin is not terrible. Folks don’t see me and ask if my face hurts or anything awful like that. But it’s not clear, and it’s not smooth, and at 33 can’t I have at least a blemish free week?

Obligatory knitting content: I worked a bit on my version of the shapely tank. I’m getting skeered. That it’s gonna be too darned heavy. I need to buck up and finish up my mariposa but I’m still don’t want to. (Childish rebellion again). And the knitpicks shine… It’s so pretty. And I fondle it frequently. But I still don’t know what to do with it.

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  1. mamma

    I love your white sweater. It looks great. All that thinking was so worth it. I read Harry Potter too. I’m forbidden to speak of it until my Husband gets to finish it as well. And as for housework, being a kept woman as well I consider it a necessary evil. I have learned to appreciate the look of a made bed but I still don’t love making the bed.


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