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Although this one has been in the hands of the e-book subscribers for awhile, it’s now available for individual purchase as well. Jellyfish Knits was out of town for a festival, so we wanted to wait until her shop was back up so you could purchase some of her gorgeous yarn to make this up!

Prokofiev is worked from the top down in five wedges, so it makes a sort of crescent/half-circle shape – 5/8 of a circle to be precise. I blocked it as a crescent and it sits really nicely on the shoulders that way.


The Nebula yarn has beautiful tones and highlights that really shine in a lace pattern.


And I really love the unique shaping of this – the sample blocked out to 50″ wide and 15″ deep.


Available now for download for $6.00 Or as part of the Seven Songs collection – 7 patterns for $21.95.

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  1. Brenda

    Every time I look at this shawl I notice something new about it…really a pretty pattern!


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